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Top 5 Eviction Attorneys in Orange County

Friday, September 27, 2019

As a landlord, you would never think your residents would stiff you for rent at your lush Orange County property. You did everything by the book ran their credit, verified their work history, called their references, even asked for a decent amount in a deposit. But still, the dreaded time came, and the rent was not paid as agreed upon. You called, sent numerous texts, emailed even called the references that vouched for your residents; NOTHING. 

Now what? What do you do? Do you just change the locks? Take back the house, I mean, technically you own it, so you would be well within your rights, right? NO!. Acting unlawfully when collecting rent or trying to evict a tenant can cause you and cost you in the long run. Every day that a resident remains delinquent and, in your property, there is a loss in money. With single-family residences in Orange County renting at $3300/month, you are losing $110.00/day in rental income. In other words, you’re burning a Ben Franklin every time you get out of bed and in 10 days you’re out over $1000 bucks already.

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As you turn to Google and Yelp for answers, you come across an abundance of eviction attorneys that can help you. But you just don’t want any old attorney; you want one of the top eviction attorneys in Orange County to handle your case.

Eviction Attorneys in Orange County:

  • Duringer Law Group LLC: this firm expedites the eviction process by offering what they call a “Fast Track” eviction process which allows you, the client, to initiate an eviction in minutes over the telephone, sometimes requiring no office visit. They specialize in tenant-landlord litigation, mainly helping landlords enforce their rights in situations, especially evictions.
  • Silverstein Eviction Law: having been around since 1979, Steven Silverstein specializes in resident evictions and has been representing landlords in Orange County and the surrounding cities. Their main goal is to get the resident out as quickly and as legally as possible. Also offering collection services to recover lost monies for their clients, they offer a variety of services geared toward landlords.
  • Law Office of Peter Holzer: this office has been practicing law since 1980 and will address any issue with the legal knowledge they are equipped with while offering an individualized and personal approach practicing proactive communication that they brief their clients with.
  • Strictly Evictions: they are a fast, reliable, low-cost eviction service that serves both residential and commercial landlords. With 22 years of service in the industry the legal team at Strictly Evictions, they understand the importance of processing evictions diligently and the intricacies of applicable law concerning unlawful detainer actions.
  • Eviction Group: this Southern California based law group focuses on unlawful detainers in both residential and commercial real estate. Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff are committed to serving the interests of landlords exclusively. Having been in business since 2005, Eviction Group is active in the legal community.

Unless you want a costly, long, and drawn-out eviction process, make sure you hire an attorney that has an aggressive plan of action that can get you fast results. You want someone that won’t back down at the first sign of opposition or resistance from your tenant. In dealing with clients, attorneys often deal with two types of people:

  • The Nice Guy: this guy wants to get things “over with” in the nicest and most amicable way possible. 
  • The aggressor: this guy is aggressive with his tactics by trying to intimidate the opposition. Threatens to draw things out if possible, meanwhile racking up costs and threatening to sue you unless you give in.

If your personal sanity is important to you, and you want to keep it by settling the legal dispute as quickly as legally possible, then you need an attorney that won't put up with any nonsense from the opposition. Lastly, you need a weekly update from your Attorney office to let you know what’s going on.

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