Managing a Few Properties?

1000 Reasons to Consider Our Mind-Blowing Offer

Suppose you are currently managing 1 to 50 or more Single-Family Homes, Condos, or Units up to a 4 plex in Corona, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Moreno Valley, Perris, or anywhere in Orange County. In that case, we have an incredible offer for you that can give you $1,000 per property. Yes, this is not a misprint.

Management One Property Management has rented an astonishing 10,000 properties and represented over 5,000 owners in our 35 years in the business.  

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We will pay you an astounding $1,000 for each property you are managing. If you manage just 10 properties, that is a whopping $10,000 to YOU, and we can complete the process in less than 30 days. 

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You keep the listing rights (in writing*) to get massive commissions when your clients are ready to sell. 

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You retain the buying rights (in writing*). If that owner you referred us wants to purchase additional properties, you get the selling commission, and we’ll even help you find them a rental property. 

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Suppose a resident that Management One placed in a property you referred to us or bought from you decides to purchase it. In that case, you are guaranteed a 4 1/2% minimum commission from the owner by representing the owner and resident through escrow. We get nothing on the sale commissions; it is all yours

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We also will pay you a referral fee of $1,000 for each new property you refer to us in the future, along with all the other items in this offer.  (Please note: This offer also applies to any properties you own so you can have time to yourself and your family)

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If you are currently not managing rental properties but have clients who own rental property and refer them to us, you get this same incredible offer. 

(*We sign a legal, binding contract that states we will not solicit or represent your client or property in any form as long as you’re a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker. Your owner is required to sign a one-year management agreement with us to receive this compensation) 

Property Management has changed dramatically with the COVID-19 Pandemic and continues to change weekly on what you can and cannot do with a resident. Just making one “Blunder” can have severe consequences. Staying on top of all these new laws and regulation takes a full-time staff with Attorneys. Property Management today has become very sophisticated and is not like the old days at all. So, this might be an excellent time for you to consider our phenomenal offer, so give me a call and let us chat to see if this offer is right for you. 

The best part is that you will now have the time to focus 100% of your time selling properties instead of fixing leaking faucets and taking complaining resident calls on weekends, right? And you still retain all your commissions. 

If you are not familiar with Management One Property Management, learn more about our company at our website at and for Orange County  

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