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Irvine Property Management

Unlock the power of seamless property management for your Irvine rental property

Achieving rental property success demands significant time, effort, experience, and expertise. Allow us to spare you the hassle, frustration, and valuable time required to gain that expertise.

As a full-service Irvine property management company, our dedicated team oversees every facet of your rental property management process.

Over 3,000 property owners have placed unwavering trust in our company for nearly four decades. Irvine Property Management continues to lead the way in property management, consistently embracing the latest industry advancements. Our approach ensures optimal rental yields, swift property leasing, and resident accountability regarding rent payments and property upkeep.

Explore the potential rent value of your Irvine investment property

Utilizing our comprehensive market analysis at Irvine Property Management, our landlords and team can confidently make decisions backed by data regarding their rental properties. This includes getting accurate rate projections and gaining useful insights, empowering them to make smarter investment decisions and manage their investment properties more wisely.

  • Elevate Your Irvine Property's Rental Worth
  • Gain a Vital Understanding of Present Market Dynamics
  • Evaluate the Cashflow Derived from Monthly Rent Value

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Overview of our Irvine Property Management Services

While we’re very cost conscious we’re also very value driven. After all your property is a one of your biggest investments and so our owners look at their rental property the same way they would at a serious surgery. While you want a competitive rate, just an important you want the right and best surgeon. The cost to have a top-rated property company with all the quality services that will keep your resident accountable and monitor the condition of your property is less than a cup of coffee a day.

Full-Service Irvine Property Management

  • Make your property rent ready within budget to get top rent
  • Market your property and Residents must pass our 9-point screening system
  • Prepare the lease and legal documents
  • Collect the rent and security deposit
  • Maintenance repairs with fix pricing and no mark up to Irvine Property Management
  • Inspect exterior monthly with a photo you can view on your phone
  • Annual inspections of the interior and exterior
  • Evict the resident if necessary and Irvine Property Management Pays for it

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As your Orange County Property Manager

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We provide nationwide advertising on free and subscription-based sites to gain maximum exposure for your rental property. We utilize our referral base of Realtors, Current Residents, and pipeline of Prospective Residents.

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We conduct an extensive 10-point screening on all residents and handle every aspect of getting your investment rented in the quickly.

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We coordinate all maintenance and repairs for your rental property. We ensure all repairs are completed timely and meet our strict standards. We make no profit on repairs.

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All properties receive an annual inspection. Depending on your management package, your home may also receive monthly exterior inspections.

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We make sure you get paid on time, every time. Our accounting team handles all invoicing and payment processing. You receive your check quickly via ACH transfer.

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We encourage you to do your research to find the best company for your Property Management needs. Evaluate everything from services offered, years in business, online reviews, and fees.

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We offer a two-tiered pricing structure, Basic and Premium services. We can also customize a plan that best suits the needs for your rental property.

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Our online owner portal provides you with 24/7 access to your recent performance numbers. Sign in on your time and view your recent accounting statement and view any invoices.

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Should there come a time that a tenant needs to be evicted, we will handle the eviction process. Depending on your level of service, we will even pay for the eviction up to $1200.

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Irvine Area Information

Irvine, located in the center of Orange County, California, is a suburban community with a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Irvine stands 45 miles south of Los Angeles, and 90 miles north of San Diego.

From vast agricultural fields transforming into a diverse city, Irvine is renowned for its well-designed and master-planned neighborhoods, excellent schools, meticulously maintained parks, and a system of 113.24 miles of off-street bikeway trails. Furthermore, many tech companies have made Irvine their home because of the exceptional university system and diverse economy. To top it all, the city of Irvine provides a wide range of shopping centers, entertainment venues, and dining options. Never miss going to the most popular shopping center in Irvine - the Irvine Spectrum Center and be amazed by the 52K-energy-efficient-LED-light Giant Wheel at the center of the mall.

With all the things Irvine has to offer – no wonder the city got numerous awards. Irvine truly takes pride in being #3 on "Best Places to Raise a Family”, #10 on “Healthiest City of America” and the 6th Happiest City in America according to a recent study conducted. Irvine is definitely the place to be!


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